Celebrities Who Won Against Addiction

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In life, there are numerous instances where we might feel low and inculcate the urge to depend on something extra. Such urges are entirely different from the occasional habit, as they tend to turn into an addiction. With lifestyle being another factor, it is quite understandable that the famous ones have been prey to this activity. But these individuals have also sought the courage to fight back and emerge victoriously. So here’s a list of all those celebrities who won the fight against addiction.

Robert Downey, Jr.

Robert Downey, Jr.

RDJ is one of the most famous names all around the world, all thanks to his personality and portrayal of ‘Iron Man’. The onscreen charm has found success in life and never misses a chance to enter the list of the richest. But this incredible journey began with a nasty downfall. Yes, that’s right. Downey’s early days were filled with substance abuse and court trials where he was even sentenced to jail for a particular period. After years of struggle, the actor decided to leave such habits and gave the best comebacks in cinema history.

Ozzy Osbourne

The prince of darkness had a lousy relationship with drugs and alcohol. The frontman of Black Sabbath was nearly killed by the usage, and it still surprises his doctors that he is alive. After numerous attempts at rehab, Ozzy finally made it to the road of recovery as he has been sober for around 6 to 7 years.

Angelina Jolie

There was a time when one of the finest actors in the industry had suffered from depression and anorexia. Angelina Jolie, in her statement, had claimed that she had used every type of drug in existence. But the actor eventually began surrounding herself with friends and family as she finally gave up the addiction and took the road to success.


Yes, that’s right. There was a time when Slim Shady had an unusual experience in life with drugs and numerous instances of overdose. But that was not the end of Rap God as he began the fight against addiction by feeling a sense of responsibility for his daughters. The rapper emerged victoriously and has never used drugs since.

Elton John

This might be a surprise, but it is still valid. Sir Elton John had a dark age in his life when he began the usage of drugs in his youth. As it turned into an addiction, people started leaving him as the singer almost died in 1975 due to overdose. After attending counselling and addiction treatment, the singer gave up the urge and focused entirely on his career. Such stories should be remembered because unlike the rich and the famous, there are other individuals who might be down with the usage. The road to recovery might not be easy, but it is not impossible.