The Former Prime Ministers Major And Blair Call On Parliament To Stop Johnson’s Legal Challenge

“For a country that for hundreds of years has promoted the cause of legality around the world, respecting the obligations imposed by a treaty is as important as respecting internal laws. The constitutional principle of the rule of law requires us to treat such obligations arising from international law in the same way as domestic laws. No sophisticated argument can justify this behavior, nor can a twisted interpretation of specific clauses, ” they have written.

The Johnson Government has openly acknowledged that its UK Internal Market Bill, with which it intends to regulate the balanced exercise of the powers of each of the autonomous territories that make up the country when Brexit becomes a reality (the United Kingdom left the EU on January 31, but there is a transition period until December ), bankruptcy “in a specific and limited way” some provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement signed last January with the EU.

In particular, the text affects the provisions of the Protocol for Northern Ireland. It leaves the decision of whether or not to communicate to Brussels the public subsidies that companies based in the British portion of the island of Ireland may receive in the hands of ministers. And it clearly opens up the possibility that the exchange of goods between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom is not subject to the mandatory customs declaration.

Johnson’s maneuver, his predecessors say, “puts the Good Friday Accords at risk because it denies the predictability, political stability and legal clarity that are key to maintaining the delicate balance between the north and south of Ireland that it has entailed. the fundamental basis of the peace process ”.

At least 30 conservative deputies have begun to launch an internal rebellion to try to thwart the approval of the law in the House of Commons, and some lords are also willing to amend the text in their passage through the Upper House, to impose a delay to Johnson’s plans that would complicate a very delicate situation already today. The transition period ends on December 31, and the negotiations between London and Brussels to define a new commercial relationship are stalled. The prime minister’s latest move has greatly irritated the EU, which has threatened Johnson with legal action if he does not withdraw his bill before the end of September.

“The rest of the world is watching the UK in horror – whose word has always been accepted as immovable. The actions of this Government have been an embarrassment to himself and to the entire nation, ” Major and Blair say in an extremely harsh tone, which ends with a call for rebellion. “This latest ploy has been turned against him and must be avoided immediately, before it causes further damage. And if the Government is incapable of respecting the rule of law, it should be Parliament, as the highest court, that decides to do so ”.

Amid managing a health crisis that has eroded Johnson’s credibility, the prime minister has once again clung to the card that has brought him the most success in his political career. “We cannot leave the potential capacity to divide a country, to divide it, in the hands of an international organization.

We must protect the United Kingdom against such a disaster ”, the politician has assured in the pages of his allied newspaper, The Daily Telegraph.Johnson says he never imagined, when he signed the Withdrawal Agreement, that trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom would be subject to rules and restrictions.

But that was precisely what her predecessor, Theresa May, tried to remedy, and which Johnson, however, had no qualms about accepting in exchange for achieving political victory in an agreement with Brussels. And now, as captain Renault in Casablanca , he is shocked by the game as he tries to keep the winnings.

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