“Superman Syndrome”, The Case Of A 10-year-old Vietnamese Boy

The ‘ Superman syndrome ‘ is a chromosomal disorder with very different symptoms. From muscle stiffness and a general lack of flexibility, to excessively developed muscles, like the 10-year-old boy from Vietnam Nguyen Hoang Nam .

He does not have any health problems beyond the physical, which attracts curious and professional bodybuilding, something that the child is fond of, but nothing more, since his parents prefer him to do martial arts and yoga to relax his muscles a bit .

The life of a normal child
“Hoang Nam’s diet and activities are completely normal, as are other colleagues. In school, children are considered special factors in appearance. Furthermore, the child’s learning and playing are as normal as other children, and they hardly have too many difficulties, ”explains his mother.

“ When Hoang Nam was 6 years old, his muscles were clearly developed. Fearing their health, the family had to take the baby to the Children’s Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. After performing the tests, the doctor said that the baby had hypertrophy, also known as superman syndrome, lp that made him grow muscles. Luckily this disease does not affect the baby’s health ”.

Although it does not affect health, Superman Syndrome causes Hoang Nam to suffer from muscle stiffness and not be flexible. The family is trying to allow him to learn more classes for the ‘gifted’ in this regard, although without forgetting the martial arts and yoga to balance all that strength and muscle mass, and achieve that flexibility and elasticity that he lacks.

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