Upgraded Coffee Beans Grab the Market Of Costa

One of the main ingredients are his Upgraded coffee beans These coffee beans are meant to be mycotoxin free. This means there is no mold growing on them.

Apparently a high percentage of coffee grown and distributed in the world can have mold growing on it which we then drink. The side-effects are said to be on our brain function, digestive tract and weight control.

Another component to making a successful cup of coffee in the morning is to add grass-fed butter from a company like Kerry Gold out of Ireland. The reason for this is to get short chain fatty acids. Especially Butyric acid which is where the term butter comes from interestingly enough.

The last special item to add are called medium chain triglycerides or MCT oil. MCT oil is highly refined coconut oil which has been isolated to two of the medium chain fatty acids. Yes there is a lot of fat in this coffee.

There you go you have been informed. I have tried it out for the last month and must say that I have never experienced such a fulfilling coffee sensation like this before. The fat makes you feel satisfied and my energy levels where high for much longer. I’d recommend you give this new type of high fat coffee a go at least once.

Have you ever woken up in terrible pain all over your back and wondered why me, why now. It probably happens at a time when you are trying to get healthy, lose some excess weight and improve your life and wellbeing.

Backache will get us all at some stage. Being in this type of situation is probably a sign that you need to see a professional for a thorough assessment to see what is wrong with your back.

This is when a doctor of Chiropractic could be the best person to consult with on this irritating matter of back pain at the wrong time in your life.

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